Freitag, 19.02.2016

Geklaut von Lindas Blog: Ein kleines Interview mit meiner Gastmama

Linda hat ein Interview mit unserer Gastmama Meera geführt, dass ich euch nicht vorenthalten möchte! Das Orginal finder ihr auf ihrem Blog.


1.How do you feel to be interviewed by me?

(laughs) I am happy. I am excited!

2.Why did you decide to have volunteers in your home?

Govind asked me if I want to have volunteers and I said yes, because I needed the money and my feeling is good when volunteers are staying in my home. Also our shop has not gone well in Setrawa, so my husband had to go to Surat to earn more money.

3.Do you like to tell me something about your childhood? When were you born, where, how have your parents been like?

I was born in Sindh in Pakistan. As I turned eight, my father decided that we should go to India, because he is an indian man and did not want to live in Pakistan anymore. Apart from that my grandmother had died and my two sisters had been married. I have four sisters and two brothers and except for my brothers, I was the only girl who was allowed to go to school.

Previous the life for women in Pakistan was more difficult. I was not allowed to go out of our house. So I had to stay inside. But now the situation for women has changed and the life in Pakistan is similiar to India.

4.Which country do you like more: India or Pakistan?

I like Pakistan, because my family lives there.

5.What do you like most about India?

I like my parent’s house and Setrawa…and Sambhali…and YOU!

6.What do you think about the situation of the women in Setrawa/India?

I think the situation of the women is good, but there are also some women who have to work in mines. Their life is very hard, because the dust is not good for their health, so they die early.

Do you know Rekha, one of the Sambhali girls? She has seven siblings and her father died early. Now her mother has to work in mines. It’s a very difficult life…

7.Do the Sewing class and the Microfinance projects help the women?

All women are very happy to have Sambhali! Before, the life of the women was difficult. The Microfinance project and the Sewing class help us to have our own money, so we are more independent.

8.Can you complete the following sentence please? “If I live in Germany, I would..."

... open an indian restaurant with my husband. I think the german people would like my food. But still I would wear Sari, because I love India. India is my heart.