Sonntag, 20.03.2016

Geklaut von Lindas Blog: Und noch ein kleines Interview mit Pooja, einer Lehrerin von Sambhali

Linda hat ein zweites Interview geführt, dieses Mal mit Pooja, einer der drei Lehrerinnen von Sambhali. Hier findet ihr das Original!

1.Pooja, you’re teaching girls and women in the Sewing class and children with me in Peacock class. Do you enjoy teaching?

In the past I wanted to be a teacher. I like teaching, but I don’t think that I’m a good teacher.

2.What’s about your family? How many siblings do you have?

I have two sisters and one brother. I am the oldest of us. And you know, my mother is a cook in Jodhpur. If I’d be a boy, I could do something like being with my mum and helping her more. In the future I’d like to help my family more.

3.Would you rather live somewhere else?

No, I like to live in India. I want to live with my whole family. If I’d live somewhere else, I could not live with my family.

4.What do you think about us as volunteers?

I think you’re doing very good work. I’d also like to be a volunteer and help people.

The Empowerment Center in Setrawa really needs the volunteers. They teach the children new things and also we as the teacher are learning more.

5.Meera is married now for a long time. What do you think about marriages?

Weddings are good. I want to get married, but he has to be like me. He has to understand me and my family. Actually I’d like to meet him before and get to know him better. I wish there would be more time before the wedding, but this is not possible.

6.How should your future-husband be like?

He should be friendly and like my best friend. Also he should respect me and my family. But I think the most important part is that he should believe in me. I would not like it if he’s strict and tell me what to do. And he should have a good job.

7.What do you like about India?

India is very nice. I like that all family members are living together. If someone has any problem, everyone would help you. Also we have lots of festivals which we are celebrating together. And of course I like the colourful clothes (I don’t like western clothes), the culture and our believe in gods.

8.Germany has a completely different culture. Do you think you could live there?

If I have a nice partner, I think I could live in Germany. I could live anywhere, but I need my family with me. My family is the most important thing for me. I could not live without them. Also I only want to do something for my family, not for me. If I’m not helping my family, what else should I do?

9.Can you complete the following sentence please? “If I have one wish, I would…”

I don’t have any wish for me, only for my siblings. But if I have one wish, I’d like to have a fabric shop. Everything would change and I would be very happy.